Braasch Biotech LLC is a privately held, preclinical stage Vaccine Company that specializes in the discovery, early stage development and commercialization of an exciting new class of biopharmaceutical vaccine products for the human and animal healthcare market. Our Cross Platform Utilization of Vaccination (CPUV™) is a paradigm shift in the field of Vaccinology

After several years of successful foundational science, development and intellectual property generation, the company is now ready to advance to a critical monetization stage of its lifecycle. We have recently completed key proof-of-concept testing and intellectual property activities and are now actively developing a diversified pipeline of second-generation somatostatin-based immunopharmaceutical vaccines for humans and animals.

Braasch's platform technology has significant opportunities to create a large pipeline of new products. Delivering new treatments, categories and segments for innovative Growth Hormone ("GH") and Insulin-like Growth Factor -1 ("IGF-1") treatment alternatives which address some of the highest valued markets available in medicine.

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