Corporate Management

KEITH N. HAFFER, PhD - President and Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Keith Haffer is the driver of the vaccine science behind Braasch Biotech's novel second-generation somatostatin vaccine technology.

Keith has over 30 years of experience in vaccine development and has a long track record of more than 65 successful US and International vaccine registrations and has held senior positions with multinational biopharmaceutical companies (including Sanofi and SmithKline Beecham) and is a recognized authority on feline leukemia and rabies viruses. He is the inventor of various patented and patent-pending vaccines and adjuvants for human and animal use. Keith has served on the board of directors for Immucell Corporation (NASDAQ).

Keith is a graduate of Boston University (BA) and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (MS and Ph.D.) and served on the faculty at Purdue University (School of Veterinary Medicine).

JERALYN KAY BRAASCH - Board Chairman and CEO
Jeri Braasch is co-founder of Braasch Biotech and Chairman of the Board of Directors. She was the driving force behind the co-founding of three biotech corporations in South Dakota since 1994. She also is sole owner of two commercial storefront ventures and two on-line storefronts.

Immediately prior to her involvement in Braasch, she was a monthly contributor to Health Awareness in a South Dakota state-wide newspaper, city councilman for Garretson, South Dakota and its police commissioner. Preceding her move to South Dakota in 1992, she rose to the positions of Senior Supervisor in Shaklee Corporation and District Sales Manager for Avon Corporation.

Jeri graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where she continues to collaborate with faculty members on bully prevention and suicide awareness.

Out of respect for Jeri's efforts to create the company, it is named in honor of her family, the Braasch family, who represent a special meaning for the positive spirit of humanity and important guiding principles of being generous and helpful to others.

Without a foundation there can be no structure or building which can withstand the forces of nature or man. Our corporate foundation is anchored by our inspirations who have left us their strength and courage to persevere.
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