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Pioneering Spirit in the Modern Era

In 2008 Braasch Biotech LLC made the strategic decision to focus solely on the development and commercialization of the world's first highly effective somatostatin-based vaccines and companion adjuvant systems. Our approach was designed to produce both highly innovative and socially responsible vaccines for global impact.

Using over 30 years of experience in vaccine development, along with a track record of more than 65 successful US and International vaccine registrations, Dr. Keith Haffer, the principal scientist behind Braasch Biotech, believed that first-generation somatostatin vaccine technology could be enhanced and optimized to create a valuable new proprietary second-generation somatostatin vaccine technology with a superior efficacy and safety profile.

In addition to successfully creating and testing its new second-generation somatostatin vaccine technology, the company has also expanded its exclusive intellectual property positions including five separate US and PCT filings and anticipate several additional filings to support our novel technology.

"To date, Braasch has 7 new human & animal vaccine product candidates it is preparing for initial licensing."


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